China Dominates Rowing at Asian Games

The Asian Games in Guangzhou, China saw final races in 14 rowing events on 18 and 19 November. The host country has earned most medals (10 gold medals), followed by Japan (2 gold, 2 silver, and 1 bronze medal), India (1-3-1), Iran (1-0-1), South Korea (0-3-3), Vietnam (0-2-0), Uzbekistan (0-1-4), Hong Kong (0-1-1), Kazakhstan (0-1-1), Chinese Taipei (i.e. Taiwan; 0-1-0), Iraq (0-0-1), and Thailand (0-0-1). The medal standings and results have been posted on the official website of the Asian Games and selectively re-published by some media outlets around the world.

Screenshot from the official website of the Asian Games.

As obvious from the results, rowers competed on the standard two kilometres’ distance. Men’s lightweight single saw the victory of Iran’s under-23 world champion, Mohsen Shadi Naghadeh (Persian: محسن شادی نقده) ahead of Japan’s Olympian and the world champion of 2000 in lightweight quad, Daisaku Takeda (Japanese: 武田 大作). The Iranian finished in a remarkable 6:55.62 while the Japanese’s time was 7:00.43.

The AFP news agency focused on the bronze medal for Iraq in heavyweight men’s singles. In a news story released today, the Iraqi sculler, Haeidr Hamarasheid (Library of Congress transcription: Haydar Hamah Rashid; Arabic: حيدر حمه رشيد, Kurdish: Heyder Hemereşîd / حه یده ر حمھ ڕه شيد) told the agency: “I’m so happy and excited because this is the first medal for Iraq at the Asian Games. (…) This achievement will encourage young people in Iraq. (…) We have trained in Baghdad and the environment was quite good without much security concern. We have been working hard.” Iraq National Olympic Committee secretary-general Adel Ali (Library of Congress transcription: Adil Ali; Arabic: عادل علي) said in the same news: “Our country will invest more money to develop rowing and other sports as well.” (Language and biographical note: Iraqi rower Haeidr Hamarasheid can be elsewhere referred to as Haidar Nozad – Library of Congress transcription: Haydar Nawzad, Arabic: حيدر نوزاد, Kurdish: Heyder Nozad / حه یده ر نۆزاد.)

Below follows an overview of the medaling countries in each rowing event at this year’s Asian Games in Guangzhou, China. The list is based on the Asian Games official website.


Single (M1x): India – Chinese Taipei (Taiwan) – Iraq

Double (M2x): China – Uzbekistan – (South) Korea

Four (M4-): China – India – Uzbekistan

Eight (8+): China – India – Uzbekistan

Lightweight Men

Single (LM1x): Iran – Japan – Uzbekistan

Double (LM2x): China – Hong Kong – Japan

Four (LM4-): Japan – India – Hong Kong


Single (W1x): China – Korea – Uzbekistan

Double (W2x): China – Vietnam – (South) Korea

Pair (W2-): China – Kazakhstan – India

Four (W4-): China – (South) Korea – Uzbekistan

Lightweight Women

Single (LW1x): Japan – (South) Korea – Thailand

Double (LW2x): China – Japan – (South) Korea

Quad (LW4x): China – Vietnam – Iran

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