Karonen Beats Synek at Czech 6K Open

Czech single sculler and last year’s world champion Ondřej Synek finished second in the Czech Long-Distance Open Championships yesterday. A regular participant in the event, Sweden’s Lassi Karonen takes gold.

Synek was some 26 seconds slower than Karonen, and was closely followed by his teammate David Jirka in third.

Women’s singles witnessed a similar surprise as the Czech number one, Mirka Knapková, was overtaken by the Czech women’s double sculler Jitka Antošová. The difference between their finish times was over 17 seconds. Bronze goes to Antošová’s sister and double scull teammate, Lenka.

In men’s pairs, too, elder crews were all beaten by an under-23 duo, Jakub Koloc and Petr Melichar.

Results have been posted on the website of the Czech Rowing Association, with an abstract also published by the Czech news website Idnes.cz.

Hořín Lateral Canal opening into the Labe (Elbe) river on the outskirts of the town of Mělník. Source: Thorsten Bachner, Wikimedia Commons.

The race venue was the Hořín Lateral Canal north of Prague. The narrow waterway was built in early 20th century as a ship shortcut between the Vltava and Labe (Elbe) rivers. In the recent years, Czech rowing championships on the 6 kilometre distance take place here every spring. The head race of singles and pairs serves as a preliminary trial for the Czech national team selection.

Abstract from the results of the Czech Long-Distance Open Championships, Hořín, 16 April 2011

Men’s single: Lassi Karonen 21:13,67 (1); Ondřej Synek 21:39,89 (2); David Jirka 21:40,20 (3)

Women’s single: Jitka Antošová 24:28,73 (1); Mirka Knapková 24:46,54 (2); Lenka Antošová 25:26,58 (3)

Men’s pairs: Jakub Koloc, Petr Melichar 20:35,42 (1); Jakub Houska, Jakub Makovička 21:05,64 (2); Milan Doleček, Michal Horváth 21:10,89 (3)

(For results of German 6km trials, click here.)

Men’s single results in previous years of the Czech Long-Distance Open Championships in Hořín

2010: Ondřej Synek 21:52,46 (1); Lassi Karonen (Sweden) 22:18,55 (2); David Jirka 22:25,61 (3)

2009: Tomáš Karas 23:53,82 (1); Petr Buzrla 23:54,39 (2); David Jirka 23:57,86 (3)

2008: Ondřej Synek 22:02,20 (1); Jakub Hanák 22:32,01 (2); Milan Doleček 22:37,58 (3)

2007: Lassi Karonen (Sweden) 23:09,9 (1); Václav Chalupa 23:14,8 (2); Jakub Hanák 23:56,4 (3)

2005–2006: not available

2004 (the distance then was 8 kilometres): Lassi Karonen (Sweden) 30:34,09 (1); Jakub Hanák 30:39,22 (2); Václav Chalupa 30:45,13 (3)

2003 (the distance then was 8 kilometres): Václav Chalupa 27:50,86 (1); Mikael Werner (Sweden) 27:53,73 (2); Jakub Litera 28:09,77 (3)

UPDATE: The story was adopted by the official FISA website on 18 April 2011.

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