Karsten to Be the Only Belarusian at World Champs

Belarus is due to be represented in the upcoming World Rowing Championships by a single athlete – the indefatigable woman sculler Ekaterina Karsten (Екатерина Карстен). The selection was announced by the country’s head rowing coach Uladzimyr Sinelshchykau (Уладзімір Сінельшчыкаў; Russian spelling Vladimir Sinelshchikov, Владимир Синельщиков) in the Belarusian Sport Panorama newspaper published in Russian. The interview with Sinelshchykau was posted on the newspaper’s website on 14 September and quoted by the Belarusian website Goals.by.

Sinelshchykau’s soundbites largely identical with those in the Sport Panorama interview appeared on the Poland Rowing Association website on 3 October.

The reasons for not sending more crews from Belarus to the World Championships are mainly financial, the coach suggested.

“Only Katya… (i.e. Ekaterina Karsten – note by Remigatio Blog) will go to the World Championships this year. After all, it will be held in New Zealand. Just one ticket to get there costs 2,000 euro. In addition, 160 euro per day are needed for the accommodation of each person. Also, a camp would have to be organised before the World Championships. All that is expensive”, the coach told Sport Panorama.

Elaborating on the nomination, coach Sinelshchykau said to the Sport Panorama newspaper: “We originally agreed that only medalists from the European Championships will go to New Zealand. We could also send Bichyk and Kukhta (fourth in the European A-finals in women’s double – note by Remigatio Blog) but doctor has recommended to let them relax. After all, Yuliya [Bichyk] only returned to training this year after a break. [Tatsiana] Kukhta is young, it is a bit difficult for her too.”

The main focus of the interview with Belarus’ head coach Sinelshchykau was the evaluation of his team’s performance at the European Rowing Championships. Apart from Karsten who won women’s single, Belarus also earned two gold medals in non-Olympic events: women’s four and men’s coxed pair.

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